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[4-min read] Q&A with Colton Mewbourne, Sales Manager

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Colton Mewbourne is an outlier. The guy’s in the literal Hall of Fame of salespeople. And he credits his success to a lesson he learns time and time again from psychedelics.

We chatted with Colton about his transition into coaching, how high achievers can benefit from psychedelics, and balancing career ambition with the spiritual path.

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Psychonaut POV with Colton Mewbournee Biz Dev & Sales Manager

Q&A with Colton Mewbourne, Biz Dev & Sales Manager

How did you go from a top .001% Cutco salesman to a psychedelic integration coach?

It all starts with the understanding that how we do one thing is how we do everything. So for me, the search to be the best salesperson I could be was really just the search to be the best version of myself.

As a salesman, I found that showing up as my most authentic self helped me connect with clients and build rapport. In that sense, my career success was driven by my inner work. I can’t say that I ever felt completely broken or destitute, but we’ve all had our moments. I wanted to better understand myself and my mind, and psychedelics scratched that itch.

At first, it was purely recreational, but eventually, I realized that there was more to these experiences than just pretty colors. It was about learning to let go and release what was holding me back. Later on, there was a turning point where I realized that this wasn't just about me, but it could also help others. People started coming to me for guidance, and I had worked out a blueprint I felt comfortable sharing.

What unique challenges do high achievers face when it comes to psychedelics and altered states?

Vulnerability is the number one thing that many of us struggle with — not just high achievers, but all of us. We tend to put on a facade and build a character, like in a video game where we select the attributes and values we want to portray to the world. Deep down, we're afraid of someone discovering our deepest secret, whether it's that we wish we looked different or had a different accent. But this fear holds us back from truly loving ourselves, loving others, and showing up to the world in the way that we want to receive love.

In my experience, the universe loves honesty. When we show up in the most vulnerable state, we attract exactly what we are. The environment we choose to build is the environment that builds us back. When you take the first step in vulnerability, honesty, rawness, and realness, you’re telling the world, “this is who I am.” It's the scariest thing you could do, but it will typically give you exactly what you want or need.

What do you mean by “the woo doesn’t work unless you do”?

I wish more people would ask me this question. What that means is, all that amazing wisdom that you're gaining in altered states of consciousness is really cool, but unless you're putting it into practice in this realm, it's meaningless. I’m all for the 5D, 4D, or whatever D you want to believe in. But beliefs, in my view, are what build our reality here in the physical world.

Personally, my foundation is that life is inherently meaningless. That’s exciting to me because it means I can paint this canvas however I choose to paint it. For me, my purpose is to help others that can't help themselves.

It's not enough to just be this enlightened being. That’s the easy way out. Let's do the work to be the most enlightened version of ourselves, but let's also ball out and enjoy life. Let's taste caviar, fly on private planes, and be the best versions of who we can be in this reality.

How can high achievers get the most out of their journeys?

For me, the key to getting the most out of a journey is integration. The Condor approach emphasizes that integration is not optional, and your body will try to make sense of the experience one way or another, just like it does with trauma.

Whether you're a high-achieving individual or not, having tools to navigate the altered state before and after the ceremony is crucial. The off-ramp is particularly important in ensuring that the awareness you gained during the journey shows up in your everyday life.

Without a deliberate practice, it's easy to forget those insights soon after the journey is over. So, it's best to break down the experience into smaller bites and work on integrating it slowly, rather than trying to force an elephant into your life all at once.

Is it possible to be ambitious in your career and your spiritual development?

F**k yeah. I think it’s natural to struggle with the balance, though. I definitely have.

One time on a coaching call with Aubrey Marcus, we discussed how in the past, after going on a journey, it would take me two weeks to get back to a high-achieving state. For years, I had to plan when I was going to go on a journey because I knew the following week or two would be turbulent. I would feel like I didn't want money or care about career success. Aubrey's insight helped me realize that this feeling was a sign that I was probably not aligned with what I was doing professionally.

Compare that to my situation now. After returning from a music festival, even though my serotonin was at an all-time low, I was fired up to be serving those I'm working with. Doing outreach and meetings may not always be physically energizing, but in this case they were mentally and spiritually nourishing.

I don't think everyone's in a place where they can find total and complete alignment between professional career achievement and spirituality. But I think there's a really fun dance in courtship if we’re open to it. How can I be a little bit more conscious in my waking day? How can I push myself to take a stronger breath in my practice? Maybe I invite in a little bit of that achievement energy and push myself deeper when I otherwise wouldn't. So it's the yin and yang, right? I think it's always a state of flux.

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