🫠 This Year in Psychedelics

[3-min read] 2023 was a pivotal year for psychedelics.

Welcome to Tricycle Day. We’re your favorite psychedelics newsletter, est. 2023. Now grab your Dr. Bronner’s spritz bottle and wipe down that mirror, because it’s time to reflect.

🫶 Dear Cyclists: As we wrap up 2023 and begin a new year, I want to say “thank you.” I’m so grateful that I’ll even drop the snarky mask for a rare moment of sincerity.

2023 has been a dream. In our very first year, we:

• 📩 Sent 99 newsletters (this is our 100th!)
• ✍️ Published more than 130,000 words
• 👁️ Earned more than 1.4 million views
• 🧑‍🎓 Dropped 2 courses (more coming soon 👀)
• 🥷 Launched a marketing agency (still in stealth mode)
• 📈 Grew the Cyclist family to 36,000 readers

Obviously, there’s no way we could have made it here on our own. As the medicine constantly reminds us, we’re all inextricably connected.

So thank you to the change-makers pushing psychedelics forward. Thank you to our sponsors for enabling me to pursue this mission full time. And most of all, thank you to our readers. Without you and your hope for a better tomorrow, I’d be writing into a void.

With full trust and surrender, I can’t wait to see what 2024 brings. 

Founder & Editor

Now here’s what we got this week.

  • Our best memes of the year ☠️

  • The biggest stories of 2023 👏

  • Psychonauts’ hottest takes 🌶️

  • Save on all your favorite products 😍


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This Year in Psychedelics
🫠 Our top 10 memes of 2023

Whether you laughed, cried, or cheered, these were our memes that resonated the most.

🫠 Our top 10 news stories of 2023

These headlines broke the internet. Refresh yourself on the biggest breakthroughs in psychedelic research, policy, and business from the past year.

Dec 20: They found the anxiety killer
[4-min read] MindMed shares positive results from trial of LSD for anxiety.

Dec 13: This is NOT a drill
[4-min read] MAPS PBC submits New Drug Application for MDMA.

Nov 15: A microdose a day keeps this away
[5-min read] Microdosing improves mindfulness in people with ADHD.

Oct 11: He blew it
[5-min read] California governor vetoes psychedelic decrim bill.

Sep 20: Your MDMA is on its way
[5-min read] MAPS’ latest clinical trial paves the way for FDA approval.

Sep 6: Small dose, BIG results
[5-min read] One dose of psilocybin relieves depression for weeks in Usona trial.

July 5: The first country in the world to legalize psychedelics
[6-min read] Australia legalizes psychedelic therapy.

Jun 28: The largest psychedelic gathering in history
[6-min read] MAPS draws 12,000+ to Denver for psychedelic conference.

May 10: A new era of psychedelic therapy
[5-min read] The first legal psilocybin center is here.

May 3: Can you pay my bills?
[5-min read] Psychedelic therapy gets a billing code.

🫠 Our top 10 interviews of 2023

From clinicians to activists to entrepreneurs, these psychonauts shared your favorite hot takes of the year.

Dec 10: Strawberry-flavored mushrooms, anyone?
[6-min read] Q&A with Alex Ott, Flavor Chemist

Nov 19: This company lets you microdose at work
[6-min read] Q&A with Shane Heath, Designer & Founder

Nov 5: The antidote for addiction
[6-min read] Q&A with Talia Eisenberg, Serial Entrepreneur

Oct 22: Pick your psychedelic guide
[6-min read] Q&A with Nicholas Levich, Coach & Cofounder

Oct 8: How to find hope
[7-min read] Q&A with Reid Robison, Chief Clinical Officer

Oct 1: Gratitude is the attitude
[5-min read] Q&A with Azalea Montaño-Kemp

Aug 27: Meeting Jesus within a mushroom
[6-min read] Q&A with Hunt Priest, Episcopal Priest & Director

July 30: 3 ways psychedelics make you a better leader
[6-min read] Q&A with Paul F. Austin, Entrepreneur & Coach

June 11: Building the first (legal) shroom chocolate brand
[4-min read] Q&A with Charlotte Cruze, Food Scholar & Founder

May 28: Why we must decriminalize nature
[6-min read] Q&A with Larry Norris, Activist & Founder

🫠 Our top 10 product tips of 2023

We loved ‘em. You loved ‘em. So we’re sharing ‘em again with special discounts just for the Cyclist fam. (All these products are 100% legal.)

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🍸 Little Saints non-alcoholic spirits
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💦 Psychedelic Water good mood mix
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📖 DoubleBlind print magazine 
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